viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

The little Ditactor

Yesterday, took place an opening in one of what I consider the most beautiful Island I ever seen; Curaçao. The Opening was my mothers Studio and Showroom.

Is amazing how the love of the beloved ones, especially family, can make you get so mad and lose control of your actions, when the stress is sitting in you living Room and your fears of failing are knocking at your door. I never saw my family so committed to something as I did in the last 4 days, was all about team work and the dependency as a family was something that I am not used to. Most of the people that know me really well, knows that I am not a team person and I am not used to rely on people to make things happened, but as part of a family member is something that I need to learn. Honestly I was so confused when realizing that even to go and buy a bottle of water or even food I had to rely on my little brother or my father decisions and there was no scape from that. Of course I felt desperate and stress can put me in a really bad mind state, but I have learned a life lesson.

When you have to make your way in life, finding quick solutions, taking rushed conclusions, to survive in the concrete jungle, you forget about the beauty of trust in someone you love and almost destroy the feeling of feel secure with other peoples decisions, so you start treating family and friends as workers. My family named me "the little Hitler" or "El pequeño Dictador" ("the little Ditactor") and I might develop a necessity for perfection and authority at work that completely forgot that people is drives better with happy emotions than pressing peoples buttons with extreme authority, especially when there is hunger for perfection and organization.

At the end, the most important thing at the event, was no other than making my Mother happy and let clients know that finally she could make her dream come true, a place to share knowledge, art and love, that the love will make the money because that's the way she is, pure emotion, pure love. Anything else is just efforts that I would never know if does really work or not, at the end of the day my mother been in the business for 20 years, support 6 children giving them good education and something to live for. She created me, so I suppose she create my hunger for perfection but not my way to find it, what matters now is to find a balance between her way and mine and for me to respect hers.

From the bottom of my heart, makes me so happy when I see her smile...