martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

"Let me die"

Let me die

Some people don't get the real meaning from the track "Let me die" and think that is more weird than romantic and to be honest I think the same.

I gonna explain more about this track, I dont like when the message is not clear.

"Let me die"

Five years ago i was trapped in a non-future, fast and aggressive relationship, involving hard drugs, deleers, raves, gay clubs, party animals and the "hard of the hard" nigth scene, spinning so fast that I felt "I cannot stop" and that "never is enough". Dancing in the dance-floor I turn and saw this beautiful creature looking at me, always attract to the most dangerous humans I went to talk and them the soap-opera started.

One year later with the creature, I was tired to handle all this madness, wilde sex and no respect for our bodies, I get sick of it and the creatures of the night, double-crossing, backwards reactions and fake friendships. I loved the music, some of the people and I still having a good friendship but I must say: - the night scene is just for the nigth, and you must be carefully about the frequency of visit, is really nice and not bad at all but is tricky, you can find yourself inside a hurricane if you lose control-.

I loved this creature pretty much and we have such a good time together, but was just a fantasy, a dream, when you start waking up and look around the reality, is so much worse than your biggest nightmare. So I did not wanted to break up, but enough is enough and I propose to get away, start a new life, keep in touch with the night life but with other goals in mind... and my heart break when the creature started the confrontation of my moral and life, that's when I said, "do me a favor, let me die to born again inside your arms", I didn't wanted to break up and also I work really hard to get back, but it was to late, so many issues around my head, from a creature that would never leave the fantasy, the poisoning and the night.

I saw this creature again was beautiful the moment we touch and finaly transformed in a real human. I smile kindly and breathe deeply, but we went diferent ways and our love get lost in time.

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Sandra dijo...

You didn´t die sweetheart, you just borned again as the fenix. God loves you so much that he will never abandon you. Remember you are unique and treat your body as a temple. Love you very much. Sandra