viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

New Year 2011 Post


After complaining a lot, ranting and raving about all little details of my life I have made a reflection... everything that happened this year was enough good to made 2010 one of the most important years of my life.

Everything start in the moment the snow hits London when I was working at Furla's company, where you couldn't make a difference between the cold weather and the coldness of the people working in the stores, but beside all this, the year start with good friends holding my hand and putting a side the Frozen heart's I manage to break the Ice with some of my colleagues and make new friends.

One of the most special memories was talking to my parents at the phone at 12 am and start snowing, quite special, quite cool, that memory define this year's blessing.

Min, a Chinese (cantonese) colleague surprisingly had one of the best offer I have been never made and that's how I've got my new guitar and electric piano. In another hand, feeling all the anger for the simple reason I couldn't find a job in my fields in 2009, makes my self gets more into music, new songs and new open projects with fresh sound came alone in 2010 and when you decide to get deep in you life essence, God (as universal energy) start blessing your path.

On June 2010, Marco push me to what become the most important thing on this year and makes the most of myself and what I'm doing now, the application to the SAE (sound school), always was a dream when I was a kid and them become just a though when I was 20, but never a real desire... mistake thats what I though.
After made the application two things happened, (referring the money) I've get the scholarship, a and one of my best friends lend me money. This show me a lesson, the more relax we are, the more we think, the best decisions we made, sound stupid and logical but some of us NEVER realize thing when getting older, rushing thing is a mistake that we all made when turning some age that we are scare of.

Other special things about this month, is that I was able to leave the company that become a pain in my back for to long time and for the fist time I was relax enough to find the money for myself and feel confident about it and again I got to the point where I said -"is a job everywhere, anywhere at anytime, some jobs are not for us but we decide that, because our laziness we've lost it", simple as that, any person in the word decide to be pour or mediocre, any person in the world decide to be successful and there is a mind limit for everyone some people are just made (because they want it) to be a barman in a pub and some others a big musician, some a cleaner and some a city boy. There is nothing to do where you come from or your education we all search for the future and become what we dream of.

Love... let's talk about love, this year all the confusions came to my mind at once and makes me realize that we never ready. Matureness in relationships depends more about the sync and connection of two people and sometimes that just never happen, is difficult to know a person and not to play mind games, the best way to have everything in peace is just understanding that sometimes someone gotta give, both parts need to be conscious about that and create a balance and a circle of trust, understand that will always be secrets we just have to minimize them. The most important thing is to respect the thoughts and put a side the proudness and the egos, know when is enough of receiving and when is enough of giving.

Part of my happiness is to notice or been able to notice when random people start been real or when fakes rule there life, I have to admit that this control my life issues for a long time and makes my young life miserable because the hurt that cause to discover the true, well probably I'm getting old and that's when we start getting more the reality.

Any reality is different in each mind, mine is in HD the problem is that I have to fix the special effects to make my fantasy look in 3D.

See you next year... on part II

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