miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

There's some stories that become easily a secrets, friends that become lovers, emotions that become feelings. Sometimes is really hard to learn the difference between the reality and the fantasy of becoming a man of success, not only professionally, also sexually and emotionally, but is so hard because commitments you started adding to your life, some of them, just because a socially accepted behavior or simply because you are not strong enough to reject them.

Some days ago I was thinking, when I stopped researching about my sexuality and when I stopped finding myself, did I already found my true?

I have to say that feeling a deep depression where you cannot wake up in the morning or simply stand up from bed and go to shave in the morning, can be really time consuming (time that normally you will regret to lose later in the week) specially when loads of questions are going around your head.

I realize that depression is part of the day by day tasks and that we have to deal with it, some of us never get to understand why we are feeling bad or down, well, I can tell you that is because that incomplete business we have with ourselves what drive our depression and is when we solve it, when we become better men and women, but unfortunately by social standards the reason how you get away from the feeling will be your secret. What makes you happy become a hidden situation and what convert you into a better person your most deep obsession.

Lucky those who live careless by society standards, lucky those that live mind-young for the rest of their lives.


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